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How successful are the early adopters of the community diagnostic centres?

In this blog, we look at how successful the early adopters of community diagnostic centres have been - discussing how workforce shortages and other issues might affect them.
Published on
June 30, 2022

Comminuty Diagnostic Centres’s (CDC) were introduced to support elective recovery. The Department of Health and Social Care announced in October 2021 the opening of 40 new CDCs. By April 2022, 73 centres had opened, and 160 more CDCs are envisioned to be up and running by 2025. However, to what extent do these centres actually help to relieve the tension from elective care? What currently prevents them from achieving this?

Published in the HSJ today, Principal Consultant at Acumentice, Wendy Baines, discusses how workforce shortages and lack of collaborative strategy affect the success of CDCs.

Based on her research, she suggests that it is not clear what the real contributions of the CDCs to the elective recovery have been so far. Indeed it seems that it may be the case that not all centres are fully functional because of current workforce shortages and skills gaps. One of the solutions she puts forward is to have a lead employer or host organisation to oversee recruitment, training and staffing.

Click here to read the article in full and learn more…

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