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HSJ Feature – How data will underpin elective care recovery

In this HSJ article, Doug Treanor, our Head of Operations, outlines why the intelligent use of data will be more important than ever in supporting the recovery of elective care.
Published on
April 22, 2021

It’s common knowledge that data plays a vital role in our daily lives. Indeed, most companies today rely on data to strategize and inform future business decisions. Data has played an important role in the NHS for a long time too. In an article published in the HSJ – Doug Treanor, Director of Operations at Acumentice, outlines why intelligent use data will be more important than ever in supporting the recovery of elective care at this crucial time and support the delivery of the latest NHS Operational guidance for 2021-22.

The article highlights the need for comprehensive datasets comprising of high-quality data, with a special focus on data being accurate, especially so with Integrated Care Systems increasing the need for standardisation.

For sure, patient safety remains paramount, yet with elective care waiting times now at the longest they’ve ever been, time is of the essence. Surely data must be held at the core of current and future decision making to ensure effective management of waiting lists which ensures patients are prioritised as quickly and fairly as possible.

Click here to read the article in full.

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