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Imperial Work Shadowing Scheme – helping the next generation to thrive!

In this blog, we explore our recent partnership with the Imperial College London Work Shadowing Scheme, where we welcomed a number of undergraduate students for in-person work shadowing days to give them a real-life taste of work.
Published on
October 20, 2023

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap, one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) we have prioritised is a commitment to quality education. And we put that into practice recently by partnering with leading university Imperial College London on their Work Shadowing Scheme, to help nurture young talent and invest in the professional development of the next generation.

In this blog, we look at what the scheme involves and provide some feedback from the students who took part with us.

A rich experience for students

We all know the value that work shadowing – observing a professional in their workplace environment – can bring to students nearing the start of their own careers. The Imperial Work Shadowing Scheme is designed to offer exactly that, providing end of first year students with the opportunity to experience the realities of a professional environment within a certain industry – in our case healthcare management consultancy – and to question and learn from professionals to help inform their career and plan their next steps.

The scheme offers two possible options to students – work shadowing day (in-person) and work shadowing conversation (online) – to enable them to gain insight into the world of work.

It is open to all first-year undergraduate students studying STEM subjects at the university, with priority given to students from low-participation groups.

Lucy Mills, our Director of Operations, who led on our involvement in the scheme, said: “We were delighted to be invited to participate in the scheme this year and thrilled to learn that the opportunity to shadow Acumentice proved so popular. Developing young people has always been a passion of mine and it was a privilege to share some of our working practices with students from Imperial. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism and enthusiasm from all the students who took part and I hope we were able to provide a meaningful experience for them.”

What did the students say?

We received some brilliant feedback from the students who joined us either for a day in the office or a phone conversation with Lucy. Here is a taste of what they said, in their own words.

Teesta Maulik, first year medical student: “I loved coming into the office at Acumentice – if only there were more hours in a day! From the moment I stepped in, I felt welcomed and empowered to ask questions and be as inquisitive as possible. I was surprised by how involved I was during meetings and I genuinely felt that I was part of the team, in keeping with their ‘In it Together’ value.

“Lucy and the team organised a very well-structured experience to allow me to gain invaluable insight at every turn. It was incredible to see the hard work behind the scenes to make Acumentice the successful healthcare consultancy that it is. Thank you for everything!”

Justin Chan: “I had the opportunity to gain a better understanding about the business model and products of the company as well as the challenges faced in waiting list management for the NHS. Furthermore, I gained insight into data analytics in the context of healthcare consultancy, using tools like Power BI to generate actionable knowledge.

“Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and I appreciate them taking the time out of their busy day to speak with me. Many thanks to Lucy and the Imperial College Careers team for organising this!”

Amandeep Kaur Sangha, first year medical student: “I absolutely loved coming into the Acumentice office for a healthcare consultancy shadowing scheme! The team were extremely inviting, friendly and wonderful to both work with and learn from. The passion and enthusiasm they have for their work was evident and inspiring. The day was organised with a clear schedule, and I was always given the chance to ask any questions.”

“Furthermore, the one-to-one scheduled meetings with the different heads of department enabled me to ask questions, gain valuable insights and expand my knowledge on specific subject matters.”

Annie Zeng, second year medical bioscience and management student: “I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to shadow Acumentice’s dynamic team. This experience provided valuable insights into the intricate intersection of healthcare and consulting, where I learned how they efficiently address challenges related to hospital waitlists in physical and mental health through practical solutions.

“I observed the transition from physical to digital products and gained understanding into the company’s operations, strategy, and how the diverse expertise within the team spurs innovation, benefiting start-ups on their entrepreneurial journey.”

Sama Al Shawa: “An insightful and enlightening experience where I was able to learn about the inner working of a healthcare consulting company. It was vital in confirming that this was a career that I would like to explore further. Lucy was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions with thoughtfulness and depth.”

Stephanie Lok: My conversation with Lucy provided invaluable insights into the diverse career opportunities awaiting me with my Biomed degree. Lucy shed light on various pathways to enter the realm of healthcare consulting, equipping me with a clearer vision of what this field entails.

Listening to Lucy’s journey and her eventual landing at Acumentice served as a true inspiration, instilling in me the confidence to explore my own interests and aspirations. She emphasised the importance of defining the impact I aim to create through my work, prompting me to carefully consider the direction in which I want to steer my career.”

A broad insight into the world of work

We were keen to give participating students as broad an experience as possible. This meant getting them involved with external meetings, taking part in team lunches and walks, and giving them the opportunity to sit down with different departments for an insight into the various cogs that help a well-oiled business run smoothly.

Students got the chance to speak with members of our consultancy, marketing, design and operations teams, providing a fully rounded picture of the work we do at Acumentice.

We were delighted to join the scheme as a host and offer various work shadowing opportunities during the summer holiday period, and we very much look forward to doing the same next year for a new batch of students. We were also delighted to receive such positive feedback, to know we’re on the right path in terms of doing our bit for the growth of the next generation of thinkers and innovators.

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