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Wrapping up 2022…

It's that time of the year again. In this end of year blog, we reflect on what we achieved in 2022 and look forward to 2023.
Published on
December 23, 2022

It’s that time of year again. As we slowly get to those stubborn tasks that remain low down on the priority list, with a promise to commence 2023 afresh and make our new year resolutions, we took some time to take stock of what we have achieved. To ask questions of ourselves, like how have we grown, and how have we met our aim of making a healthier NHS.

It was not an easy year for many and especially the NHS – the ongoing post-pandemic recovery, the impact of the well documented strikes and increasing waiting times across all services, not to mention answering to multiple Health Secretaries! Through all these challenges, we have continued to stand by the NHS as a trusted partner, to deliver the innovative support that is needed now more than ever.

So what did we achieve in 2022?

As we delivered our expert support across multiple NHS organisations, 2022 has seen us grow more than ever before…

  • We expanded the team threefold, with three additional roles coming up in January 2023
  • New service offers were added to our wheelhouse under Data and Analytics
  • We stepped up to solve new challenges in mental health and primary care
  • Karina, our MD, successfully completed the Goldman Sachs 10ksb programme for high-growth businesses (you may have seen a post or two from her about this already!)
  • Launched two product development streams (watch out for them in Summer 2023!)
  • Last but not the least, our revenue grew by over 50%!

And next year, we plan to continue to build on this and achieve so much more!

How did we do it?

Our teams work endlessly with one ultimate objective in mind – how do we create and sustain a healthier NHS. In 2022, we did more of this than ever before by supporting both NHS staff and patient outcomes. As our expertise expands, we are taking on new challenges in primary care, secondary care, mental health and several Integrated care systems as well. We learnt that the devil is in the detail. One size never fits all and therefore, our granular data and evidence-led approaches are the most reliable way forward in designing the best solutions for our NHS partners.

We also never shy away from offering our passionate opinions on matters that impact the NHS, such as the Fuller Report, Community Diagnostics Hubs, the challenges in pursuing novel methods of prioritising Elective Waiting Lists, the Future of Healthcare through data and the recently commissioned Future Health Report on the pressures newly established ICSs face.

But who are we really?

As we grow, we have really taken some time to reflect on our values as a team in 2022. Sure, we all want to do a great job for our clients but who are we really and what do we stand for in this world? As usual, we had healthy debates for days till we settled on what we all agreed reflected us and our work both. We can sum this up in these 4 key values:

  • In it together
  • Brave
  • Visionary
  • Dynamic

If you have met any of us, we are confident you can see how these fit. We work hard to ensure we live and breathe these values and we will be talking a lot more about these in 2023 and why they are important to us.

With great growth comes great responsibility

Growth also means more responsibility. Therefore, this year we started integrating sustainability as one of the central objectives for the company. We are a small business but we don’t let that influence how big an impact we believe we can have on our environment – both socially and on the climate. Watch this space as we will have a lot more to say about what we are doing about this in 2023!

Stepping Into 2023

We are living in interesting times – tough in many ways but equally ripe for finding unique solutions for the different challenges we are all facing. And that is the motto we take into 2023 – “The obstacle is the way” – Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor, 180 AD.

This is the timeless art of turning trials and tribulations into triumphs.  As a strong values-led organisation with sustainability at its core, we know that we have so much value to add to our NHS partners and towards wider society and we are raring to go. We look forward to transforming all obstacles into our way forward. Bring on 2023!

Our brave, visionary, dynamic and in it together Acumentice Team wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year!

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